Novels / Novellas

The Death Car

In 1962, Chuck Winters’ committed suicide in his brand new Cadillac. 51 years later, Derek Roman purchases Chuck’s “death car” for a steal, promising his girlfriend a night on lover’s lane she will never forget! The only problem, Chuck is back and he wants his car.

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Trickery of a Corpse

Do you ever have the feeling that your life is going nowhere? That the dreams you once harbored are far from the truth? Do you hate your job? Do you hate your life? Dayton Greene does. In fact, he lives his life in an unrelenting cycle of self-loathing, pity and distaste. To make matters worse, he earns a living cleaning up after those who realized those very delusions, taking matters into their own hands. From homicide to suicide, heart attacks and hemorrhaging. Dayton, along with his brother and sister-in-law, have seen it all. Soon, Dayton will learn what it means to lose everything, when he comes up against a corpse who has more than one trick up his sleeve…and resting in piece isn’t one of them.

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Short Stories / Chapbooks & Ebooks

Banquet For The Dead

Banquet for the Dead
An elderly funeral home director is taken hostage by two rowdy ghouls and prepared as the main course for a hellish feast

Death Comes for the Bleeder
A lovesick young man learns too late that suicide isn’t worth the hassle.

Talk to the Dead
Armed with a Ouija board, a man tries to communicate with the departed.

What’s Behind Door Number Three?
A contestant on a popular game show learns what it means to pick the wrong door.

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The REAL Eric S. Brown Missed a Day of Writing

For the last decade, Eric S. Brown as never missed a day of writing and as a result, he has managed to thrust us into his unrelenting world of Big Foot and Zombies. What happens when Eric misses a day of writing? What excuse could he possibly have? The REAL reason Eric S. Brown missed a day of writing is a horrific and humorous look at the trials and tribulation of being such a prolific author.

With an introduction by the REAL Eric S. Brown!

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A Christmas to Remember: A Zombie Story

Christmas has always been a time of magic.

A time for family, friends and loved ones but for children the world over – it’s a time for presents. On this Christmas Eve, Santa is carrying a lot more then a sack of goodies. He’s bringing a zombie apocalypse of Yule time proportions.

Now it’s up to young Betty-Lou to save both Christmas and the world before it’s too late.

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Dead Worlds 6: A Zombie Anthology
Living Dead Press

Welcome to a world where the dead walk. The living dead are once more on the prowl for the living and the world will never be the same again. Like the bloated corpse of a freshly buried body, the stories in this anthology will leave you cringing with disgust. Filled with gut munching gore and intestine tearing tales of the living dead, you may just find yourself tasting bile by the end. But don’t be afraid, it’s only a book, the dead don’t really walk. Or do they?

Story: “The Scent Of Rot


Halloween Tales Of Terror
Living Dead Press

As if Halloween wasn’t scary enough, comes this all new book filled with ghosts, zombies and monsters. While children go trick-or-treating, the creatures of the night come out to play, on the one night of the year they can truly be free. So the next time you’re out on Halloween night, and you pass that zombie or werewolf on the street, wonder if the person is really wearing makeup, or if the costume is actually the real thing. Happy Halloween!

Story: “The Ghost Of Old Man Harris


Emails of the Dead
Living Dead Press

Phone service is down, the electricity is fading, and the living dead are pounding at the door. What do you do when there is no hope left? That is the question answered in this book, where people from all walks of life, attacked on all sides by zombies, use their only means of communication to say goodbye one last time to loved ones-their computer. Found in the rubble of an internet provider’s collapsed building, the data retrieved was a cache of lost emails. Heartbreaking, comical, and some that are just plain mean, these are the last thoughts of human beings who are no longer with us. Though they are lost to us, their last words are not. These are Emails of the Dead.

Story: “I Hope You Know How Sorry I Am”


Christmas is Dead… Again
Living Dead Press

Christmas is upon us and the dead are walking! Zombie Santas, undead elves and living dead reindeer are just a few of the holiday characters you will find in this merry anthology. Have you been naughty or nice this year? Well, that’s up to Santa Claus to decide. Just pray he leaves you a stocking full of coal and doesn’t gut you and eat your insides instead! For you see, Christmas is Dead. . .again! And the holiday season will never be the same again.

Story: “A Christmas To Remember”


Book of Cannibals 2: The Hunger
(Living Dead Press)

Forbidden meat, but the sweetest when you take a bite… Dark desires remain hidden deep in the human consciousness, waiting to be set free. Why not let them? What recipe would you use to cook your neighbor? What cut of your girlfriend would you try first? Would a human steak be more tender on the grill than any you’ve tried before? No matter how you boil it, roast it, or grill it, human meat is what we’re serving up. Cannibalism at its best and worst are contained within this book. Will you be able to stomach the contents as the innocent are served up for your dining pleasure? Or will you cringe with disgust at the wicked and twisted creations the sadistic chefs and butchers are making for your palate? Next time you sit down for a meal at your neighbor’s house, or are enjoying a cookout at your friend’s, will you look at your plate and wonder…is it human?

Story: “I Love You”


Bigfoot Terror Tales Vol. 2

The Big Hairy Beast is Back! 16 authors bring you 16 terrifying tales of the Sasquatch and bring new meaning and fright to this mysterious hairy giant that lurks in the woods. From Bigfoot battles to trying to outrun the muscular monster, to being caught by the creature and simply living in a world where these beasts exist, this second volume of Bigfoot Terror Tales is sure to fuel your imagination and make you reconsider the furry creature that has spooked so many and has inspired haunting treks into the woods where some have emerged with incredible stories and a new fear and respect for this ancient beast. Featuring stories by: Larry Berreth, Rebecca Besser, A.M. Burns, Jason Rodimus Fowler, Paul A. Freeman, Keith Gouveia, Bryan Hall, Jack Hessey, Bowie V., S. Nycole Laff, Kevin Millikin, Greg Mitchell, Bruce L. Priddy, J.W. Schnarr, D.G. Sutter, and Sheri White, Bigfoot Terror Tales Volume 2 is a must-have read for your Sasquatch horror collection.

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