Kevin Millikin is a horror novelist living in the state of Montana. A native of Northern California, he lives with his wife and three children.

“The Long Goodbye”
“The Long Goodbye is a great horror story about a man trying to find closure to a horrific event that changed his life for the worse. Great characterization, gripping plot, and a quick read with loads of descriptive action. I highly recommend it.” Brian Barr, Author of “The 3 H Trilogy.”

“The Death Car”
“Kevin Millikin writes like a demon. His prose is moving and laced with the deepest elements of horror and the disturbing.” Eric S Brown, Author of “Homeworld” and “Bigfoot War”

“Trickery of a Corpse”
“Over the years, I have watched Kevin create a unique and lasting writing style. This is some of his best writing, in my humble opinion.” Richard M. Cochran, author of “Waiting to Die,” “Room without Walls,” and “Silently Inside.”